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Top 5 Late Night Food Spots in Houston

It’s Saturday. Raucous groups and well-dressed couples fill the sidewalk, forming buzzing lines that never seem to fall below 60 people before more eager faces join the queue. This isn’t a scene outside of one of Houston hottest new midtown joints. It’s after-hours,...

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Battle of the Chinatown Bakeries

The hottest new bakery in Houston has just arrived. 85°C Bakery Café, the bakery so popular globally it's often referred to as the "Starbucks of Taiwan" has created an unofficial battle of the Chinatown bakeries in Houston. At 85°C Bakery Café like many other Chinese...

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Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Houston

With 4-year old North West’s choice to name her new puppy Sushi, we felt it was prudent to acknowledge the growing sushi scene in Houston. In light of this name decision, recent competition surrounding sushi has become quite raw and we’ve hand-rolled our top 5 sushi...

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